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A Tempting Proposal (The Fortune Brothers Book #1)

Straight laced businessman, James Fortune, always does the right thing.

So when his reckless twin brother, Jackson, gets cold feet the day of his wedding, James decides to pretend to be the groom to protect his family’s name and honor, until his brother comes to his senses.

However, his new bride, Ava Hughes, is also not who she seems. Soon James and Ava find themselves trying to outwit each other in a sensual game of cat and mouse.

Until one of them is forced to surrender…

Available in  both print and eBook format from $4.99

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DG Starter Bundle:Romance
Find a fun romance series in this 3-book bundle containing the first book in one of Dara Girard’s popular series. This bundle includes Table for Two, Power Play, and Unexpected Pleasure.

Available in  eBook format from $7.99

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PRIVATE LESSONS (Romance-Return of the Black Stockings Society, Bk 5) 

A lesson in love?

Jodi Durant lives a lie.

When she gets a promotion at work, she fears that her lie will be discovered and get her fired. An invitation to join the Black Stockings Society, promising her a new life, comes just in time.

However, her membership comes with a price—revealing her secret to a man who could destroy her life.

Or give her the lesson she always needed.

Available in  both print and eBook format from $4.99

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ALWAYS AND FOREVER (Romance-It Happened One Wedding Novella)

She thinks he’s a cad.

He thinks she’s a witch.

Until one little deception forces them to see each other in a whole new way.

Maid of honor Bianca Olade loves weddings.

She looks forward to attending her cousin’s big event except for one thing: She hates Broderick Radford, the best man, a celebrated photojournalist known for his reputation with women. She tries her best to keep her distance.

However, over the course of one day, she will overhear a secret, that will shock her and change how she sees him.

Soon, keeping her distance is the last thing she wants to do…

Available in  print and eBook format from $3.99

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SWEET TEMPTATION (Romance-It Happened One Wedding, #3)

“You can practice on me…”

Eight years ago, Clarice Yates, put her dream of being a masseuse on hold when a family crisis forced her to take care of her mother.

Now the accountant feels stuck in a job she can’t stand. But when she helps a handsome stranger in a medical emergency she gets to put her dormant massage skills to the test.

And discovers that once isn’t enough. When she agrees to offer him private sessions, a surprising passion ignites between them.

But when another family crisis hits, Clarice must decide if surrendering to temptation is worth the risk…

Available in  print and eBook format from $4.99

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MIDNIGHT PROMISE (Romance-It Happened One Wedding, #2)

Microbiologist, Dr. Naomi Mensah, always gets into trouble due to her absent-minded ways. She finds herself in trouble again at her cousin’s wedding, when she loses an expensive necklace down a grate while walking to her car.

When a mysterious stranger offers to help her retrieve it, she feels relieved.

Until he asks her to make him a wild promise.

A promise that will get Naomi in more trouble than she could have ever imagined.

Available in print and eBook format from $4.99

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unexpectedpleasureebookcover2UNEXPECTED PLEASURE (Romance-It Happened One Wedding, #1)

When Tanna Ariyo gets dumped at her twin sisters’ wedding, she throws caution to the wind and asks a handsome stranger for a simple request.

She expects him to turn her down.

He doesn’t.

Soon an evening she’d thought would be a disaster turns into something more. And before she knows it, Tanna finds herself falling for a man who could either break her heart or give her unexpected pleasure…

Available in print and eBook format from $4.99

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THE GLASS SLIPPER PROJECT (Romance-Duvall Sisters, Bk#1)

On the verge of losing everything, Isabella Duvall decides to sell her beloved home to keep her family together.

Fortunately, wealthy Alex Carlton comes to the rescue and agrees to buy the extravagant house.

But Isabella’s sisters don’t want to leave. So the eldest devises a plan: Charm the handsome bachelor and become his wife.

Isabella, however, hates the plan and as her sisters vie for his affections, she soon wonders if Alex is everything he seems.

A fun, romantic fairytale twist.

Available in both print and eBook format from $4.99

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TAMING MARIELLA (Romance-Duvall Sisters, Bk#2)

Mariella Duvall does not take orders. She gives them.

A former model, she now works behind the camera as a photographer and likes to be in charge.

Unfortunately, her latest dream project may be derailed by Ian Cooper. The brash, arrogant, although handsome, man who hired her. Mariella wants nothing to do with a man who tries to keep her in line.

However, when they find themselves stranded on assignment, Mariella starts to see another side to Ian that just may show her that sometimes surrender can be a lot more fun…

For fans of The Glass Slipper Project ready to see Mariella meet her match!

Available in both print and eBook format from $4.99

Winterwood Lane: A Novella (Women’s Fiction)

“You saved our lives…”

Jobless, broke and facing foreclosure, Kate Elliot tries to end her life several days before Christmas, but wakes up in a strange room with no memory of how she got there.

Everyone in the Stokes family of Winterwood Lane considers her a hero. Except Evan.

After a bitter betrayal he does not trust her or anyone.

Can two broken hearts find joy during the holidays? Or is it too late?

A holiday family drama with a touch of romance from national bestselling author Dara Girard.

Available in both print  and electronic format from $3.99

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10-holiday-stories-generic10 Holiday Stories: A Collection

Get comfortable in your favorite reading spot and dive into these ten stories featuring different holidays.

Christmas is highlighted in the story of a jaded singer who learns to renew her joy in music in “A Song to Remember” and a new father and husband struggles to create the perfect holiday in “The Perfect Christmas.” In “Something New” a young woman wants to create a different Thanksgiving tradition and a boy’s secret desire comes to life in “A Mother’s Day Wish.”

Whether serious, funny or with a touch of magic, this collection of stories is sure to delight.

Available in print and eBook format from $7.99

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Power-Play-GenericPOWER PLAY (Romance-The Black Stockings Society, Book 1)

Mary was a little lamb…

Mary Reyland wants revenge against Edmund Davis, the man who cost her a promotion. Tired of being taken for granted and overlooked, she eagerly puts on a pair of sexy fishnets for her next business meeting…

…Until she decided to take control

Her new look shocks Edmund, who never expected much from ‘mousy’ Mary. He likes being in charge, but the newly confident Mary makes that difficult. However, he won’t give up easily and soon discovers a new challenge—getting Mary to see his way in both business and pleasure…

Available in print and eBook format from $4.99

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A-Gentlemans-Offer-GenericA GENTLEMAN’S OFFER (Romance-The Black Stockings Society, Book 2)

Will this Cinderella get her happily ever after?

Dog groomer Yvette Coulier dreams of living like her wealthy clients. Tired of being overlooked and chased by men who want fun and no commitment she wants a change.

When she receives an invitation from the mysterious Black Stockings Society, she immediately wears the sexy sheer stockings that arrives in the mail and catches the eye of the wealthy Nate Blackwell…

For reasons of his own, Nate offers to make her dream come true: He’ll give her a new life for a month, if he can pose as her valet.

Yvette quickly accepts, but soon learns her fairy tale comes with a twist when desire for the secretive Nate becomes the greatest treasure of all…

Available in print and electronic format from $4.99

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body-chemistry-genericBODY CHEMISTRY (Romance-The Black Stockings Society, Book 3)

Biologist Brenda Everton dedicates her life to her work.

When an important project needs funding, an invitation from the mysterious Black Stockings Society comes just in time. She puts on a pair of sequined black stockings to convince her ex-husband, wealthy entrepreneur Dominic Ayers, to help her for the sake of scientific research— nothing more.

However, one look at Brenda makes Dominic realize how much he wants her to desire more than just his money. He wants a second chance to show her there’s more to life than work. And he plans to teach her a lesson about passion that will leave her breathless…

Available in print and electronic format from $4.99

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round-the-clock-genericROUND THE CLOCK (Romance-The Black Stockings Society, Book 4)

Anna Marie Williams dreams of two things: Telling her boss to shut up and one night with her high school crush Desmond Rockwell. But the shy human resources employee doesn’t expect either to come true until she receives a surprise inheritance and an invitation to join the Black Stockings Society.

She immediately dons a scandalous pair of fishnets to meet with her new lawyer…who turns out to be the man who’s filled her dreams for more than ten years. The former bad boy still makes her heart race and soon a sizzling attraction turns into more than just one night.

But Anna Marie also has a secret. A secret that Desmond is close to uncovering and one that could cost her the man she’s always loved…

Available in print and electronic format from $4.99

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Holiday-Hearts-GenericHOLIDAY HEARTS (Short Story Collection)

Celebrate love and the magic of the holidays in this short story collection.

Discover what happens when a woman asks a stranger to help her fool her neighbors in “The Special Guest”. Find out how one woman copes with going to a dreaded party in “New Year’s Surprise”. See a new husband and father struggle to create the perfect holiday for his family in “The Perfect Christmas” and delight in the magical tale of a woman who gets a second chance she’d never imagined in “A Fortunate Mistake”.

Enjoy these stories and more in Holiday Hearts.

Available in print and electronic format from $5.99

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