Ladies of the Pen

Words of Seduction (Book #1)

Housewife-turned-superstar-novelist, Suzanne Rand, hardly resembles the frumpy, brokenhearted woman she used to be when she returns to North Carolina to sell her family home. Now wiser and independent, she arrives with no plans to stay.

Rick Gordon hopes to change her mind. The former bad-boy-turned-successful-businessman knows they have an unfinished chapter and he plots to use seduction to lead her right into his arms.

But although Suzanne can’t resist the passion that ignites between them will their rekindled romance survive the secrets of the past or will leaving be the best for both of them?

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Pages of Passion (Book #2)

Divorced romance novelist, Noreen Webster, has given up on love and thinks heroes can only be found in books.

But when she takes her sister’s place to deliver a package to a Caribbean island, the North Carolina native begins to change her mind once she meets the handsome and dashing Michael Vaughn on the cruise there.

Michael knows getting too close to the sexy writer could blow his cover and put her life in danger.

However, one sensual night together makes it worth the risk. But will he lose her once his deception is revealed? Or will Noreen learn to believe in “ever after” once again?

Available in print from $14.99

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