RememberMyNameeBookCover200REMEMBER MY NAME (Suspense)

On a family trip abroad, ten year old Catherine Ojo goes missing.

Her three step-sisters know what happened, but vow never to tell.

Soon their shared silence uncovers dark family secrets and threatens to tear their family apart.

But little do they know that thousands of miles away a young girl embarks on a twenty year journey to reclaim the life stolen from her and make her sisters pay.

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ILLUSIVE FLAME (Romantic Suspense-Paranormal)

Taking the heat…

Robert Braxton wants nothing to do with his attractive new housekeeper, Victoria Spenser. He’s wary of her strange psychic ability to sense fires as they happen and her bewitching eyes. As an arson investigator, he deals with facts.

But one deadly arson case forces them to work together and face their feelings. Soon they collide with a dangerous arsonist who will test their burgeoning love and threaten their lives.

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HonestBetrayalFinal200HONEST BETRAYAL (Romantic Suspense)
Would she betray her heart for the sake of convenience?

After a disastrous love affair, career driven Brenna Garrett decides to marry the wealthy Hunter Randolph for security and a life of luxury. However, her marriage of convenience takes a dark turn when her first love re-enters her life and she discovers  secrets in her husband’s past that could destroy their future.

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CARELESS RAPTURE (Romantic Suspense, Henson Book 3)

Jackie Henson needs help fast. Not because her boyfriend plans to marry his ex-wife or because a major benefactor for her nonprofit organization drops dead. No, she needs help when clients start disappearing. And she knows the one man who can help her: private investigator Clay Jarrett. A man with dangerous secrets.

Available in print or electronic form from $4.99

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DangerousCurvesEbookCover200WebDangerous Curves (Romantic Suspense, Henson Book 4)

Playboy Kevin Jackson likes fast cars and fast women.

But when a car accident sends a close friend to the hospital and leaves him with no memory of what happened, his life spirals out of control.

Until he hires Dominique Cartwright as his new driver.

A decision that costs him his heart and takes him on the ride of his life.

Fans of the Henson series finally get to see Kevin meet his match.

Available in print or electronic form from $4.99

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Short Stories


BLIND EYE (Mystery)


High schooler Ayo Davis watches the clock.

He makes every second count—from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed he stays on schedule.

Until he discovers a dead body.

The fallout ruins his perfect timetable and forces him to look beyond the clock and face what he didn’t want to see.

A short story about taking a stand.

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WRONG TURN (Suspense)


Beth Wilcock lives in fear.

Someone keeps calling and leaving threatening messages.

The phone calls started after a simple car accident.

An accident that will escalate to something much worse.

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An angry, overweight teen writes letters to her former best friend when her friend goes missing.

The police think she may know something about the disappearance.

She doesn’t think so.

But soon her letters reveal she knows more than anyone ever suspected, especially herself.

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After a long day, Anita Cross just wants to enjoy a hot latte in her favorite coffee shop.

But when she sees her new neighbor, a mysterious man whose name she can’t remember, she senses that means trouble.

In minutes she discovers just how much when he approaches her table and demands she leaves with him for her safety. But is her neighbor a friend or foe?

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ROUTINES (Mystery)


Lynn Thompson could set her watch by her dependable ex-husband.

So she knew something was wrong when he didn’t pick up their daughter for a scheduled visit.

And no one else could find him…

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TheSecretwDG200The Secret (Mystery)


Robyn wants to guard the family name by hiding a secret and make her father proud.

But the secret has plans of its own…

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StolenAngelwithDG200STOLEN ANGEL (Mystery)


A burglar’s last job puts her in a life and death situation, forcing her to deal with her past in ways she never imagined.

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OneofAKind200ONE OF A KIND (Mystery)


Amber thinks she knows a good man, but when she starts an affair she learns that not everything in her life is what it seems …
A moving piece of flash fiction

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Dorcas3200DORCAS (Mystery)


“I want you to promise to lie for me…”
The promise seemed harmless. Until forty years later, when two friends are forced to keep their vow no matter the price.

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