Call center operator, Krista Nichols, loves coming to the rescue of others. So when she meets a stranger in the woods, she is eager to help him.

Except the stranger isn’t a person.

And she may not be able to help.

A reality that may free or haunt her for years to come.

A story about letting go.

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Nine-year-old Damion Herold can see and feel sounds.

That makes him different from everyone he knows. It also makes him want his parents to stop fighting.

He wants silence, more than anything, and makes a wish for Christmas.

A wish that comes true.

But not in the way he expected…

A holiday story of loss and renewal.

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Pawprints in the Snow

Paul Gibbons didn’t like cats.

But the skinny cat on his doorstep looked near death and its haunting green eyes pleaded for his help.

He wanted to turn away. He needed to protect his secret.

However, he couldn’t look away and let the cat in.

A decision that could cost him his life or be his salvation.

A  story about facing one’s destiny.

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The Gift Box

Mother-to-be Tamara Cole doesn’t know what to think when her husband gives her an empty box on Christmas Eve.

Except he says it’s not empty.

And he’s not the only one who says so.

A  story about choosing what to believe.

This story is also included in the collection “10 Holiday Stories”

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A woman finds herself on a journey of discovery, which pulls her from the past into the present in a dark and sinister way, when the hated daughter of her ex-boyfriend shows up on her doorstep.


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A Song to Remember

Aging, jaded singer Sharon Burnell could use some holiday magic.

After years of success she feels like a has-been.

Until one special night reminds her of what she’s truly gained.

A story of magic and remembrance.

Includes bonus story “A Fortunate Mistake”


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A Fortunate Mistake

An unexpected phone call.
A mysterious stranger.
A simple mistake.
Marina expected a miserable holiday, instead she gets an amazing gift.

A magical holiday story.


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